The new Lands End Lookout, which just opened in April, has already been hit by vandals.

According to the Richmond SF blog, the new building, which includes exhibits, merchandise and a cafe, has become a target of vandals.

Parks Conservancy Spokeswoman Jennifer Greene said via email “vandals aggressively chipped out the skateboard cleats on several of the seating wall cubes in front of the Lands End Lookout this past weekend. This damage marks a new severity in destruction,” she wrote. “Vandals also damaged the mirror in the men’s room at the Visitor Center, and destroyed a “Bus Only” sign, which marks the third time we have had to replace that sign due to vandalism.”

There is no estimate on how much it will cost to repair the damage.

Greene said they are considering additional security measures for the building and asks anyone who sees graffiti or vandalism to call the Park Service’s emergency number at (415) 561-5656.



Photo Credit: Richmond SF Blog