Another week, another look at the ever-changing menus in San Francisco restaurants and bars. Here are a few items that were particularly yummy this week.

Moksha at DOSA on Valencia: Part of the South Indian restaurant’s “Spice Route Cocktails,” the Moksha features Antiguo Reposado Tequila, chai cordial, fresh lemon, ginger beer, on ice. Truly refreshing, it is actually pretty hard to detect the tequila in this drink. DOSA on Valencia is located at 995 Valencia (at 21st Street).

Chicken & Dumplings at Dixie: Chef Joseph Humphrey has a fairly eclectic menu filled with odes to the South and where he grew up. One of his signature dishes is the Dixie version of Chicken & Dumplings. A wonderful mix of California and the South, all on one plate. Dixie is located at One Letterman Drive in the Presidio.

Fried Pickled Okra at Pig & Pie: While the newest eatery on 24th Street in the Mission, Pig & Pie, is the home of housemade sausages and pies, one of the best things on the menu has to be the Fried Pickled Okra. These are going to be very addicting every time I stop in. It reminds me of deep-fried pickles I had in the Midwest. Pig & Pie is located at 2962 24th Street at Harrison.

Sea Urchin at Central Kitchen: The team behind Central Kitchen has had a very successful first few months. Led by Chef Thomas McNaughton and Chef de Cuisine Michael Gaines, the restaurant features both an a la carte and tasting menu. While all the dishes stood out, nothing was more sublime than the sea urchin on the tasting menu. It featured turnip, pork jelly, summer vegetables and sea urchin and was beautifully plated and presented. Central Kitchen is located at 3000 20th Street.

Too Good To Be True at Ice Cream Bar: Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley has had a number of hurdles to clear but the old-school soda fountain is already a huge hit. The shop is an ode to soda fountains in the 1930’s with soda jerks creating amazing treats for adults and kids alike. One of the most addicting menu items falls under the Malts & Milkshakes category – Too Good To Be True. Shaken with milk, egg and ice in the old-fashioned style, it features Juliet’s rye-based butterscotch syrup, eggs, malted cream and blackstrap molasses. The name fits it to a T – absolutely addicting. Ice Cream Bar is located at 815 Cole Street at Carl.