Fans of real NY style pizza can satisfy their cravings at Casey’s Pizza Truck.

We have been following this street pizza vendor for some time, and we have become big fans now that he launched his custom built pizza truck, late last year. The vehicle was formerly an old linen service truck from a naval base, which was fitted with a Marsal brand gas fired deck oven. This professional 900 degree oven allows for consistent quality and speed. A whole pizza can be prepped and cooked in under 5 minutes, that is less than half the time it took using his old Weber equipment.

You can taste the difference, better than many local brick and mortar pizza shops who claim to make NY pizza. But don’t confuse NY style pizza, with the Neapolitan pizzas you get at Cupola Pizzeria or Una Pizza Napoletana, those are slightly different. Casey’s pizza is a thin crust with a crisp bottom, has the consistency of chewy bread, and is simply delicious! A whole pie is priced at $17, half for $9, cut into quarters.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong