New food truck La Pastrami brings the first pastrami burrito to the city.

The pastrami burrito is one of Los Angeles street food creations, originating many decades ago, long before the Kogi food truck was peddling Korean tacos. LA food stands like Oki Dog and The Kosher Burrito, which closed in 2002, and many other shops in Latino neighborhoods, popularized the pastrami burrito, as well as pastrami quesadillas, burgers topped with pastrami, and pastrami wrapped hot dogs and tacos. Just giving credit where credit is due.

La Pastrami’s pastrami burrito is priced at $8, and the filling includes rice, chopped green onions, pickled red onions, cheese, and a special mayo sauce. The menu also features, 3 pastrami sandwiches for $9 each, a pastrami tostada at $3 each or 2 for $5, quesadillas for $5-$6, and pastrami fries at $5. The slightly salty pastrami makes a good flavor contrast in both the burrito and the fries.

It’s interesting to note that the La Pastrami truck is wrapped in SF team colors, orange and black. And the words San Francisco, are included in big letters on every side of the truck. Not sure if this is an attempt to dissuade an angry sports fan, who might not be too keen about the LA style fare. When it comes to food, those types of sports rivalries don’t matter to me. I’m a fan of any style of food, that tastes good. The owners assured customers that their pastrami supplier is local.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong.