This is the inaugural edition of a new weekly feature looking at some of the best things surfacing on menus around town, whether it’s at bars, restaurants, food trucks or pop-ups.

Foie Gras Ramen at Ame: Some foie gras this week since the ban is nearing. Ame in the St. Regis Hotel is now offering foie gras ramen or “Heaven in a Bowl” as chef/owner Hiro Sone likes to call it. A farewell to foie gras, the ramen consists of noodles in Hokkaido style miso broth with seared artisan foie gras, duck foie gras wontons, grilled corn and mustard greens. The ramen will not only be available in the restaurant, but also at the bar and lounge for lunch and dinner through the end of the month. Ame is located at 689 Mission Street.

The Devil Inside at Craftsman & Wolves: More foie! Pastry chef William Werner’s brand new shop on Valencia Street has been an immediate hit. Among his assortment of pastries are two very popular items – The Rebel Within and his newest creation, The Devil Inside. It consists of chocolate brownie, toffee, chocolate pudding and foie gras. An amazing amount of stuff all packed into one pastry. Again, this will only be available until the end of the month. Craftsman & Wolves is located at 746 Valencia Street.

The Rio Grande at Rio Grande: The Bon Vivants (Scott Baird and Josh Harris) have done it again with their latest project as part of A Temporary Offering, located in the Renoir Hotel. The tequila and bourbon driven bar has live music and plenty of strong cocktails. The signature is a drink first introduced by Baird when he was at 15 Romolo, the Rio Grande. It mixes bourbon with Reposado tequila, along with lemon and lime juice and simple syrup. Potent but smooth, it will get your night off to a good start for sure. Rio Grande is located at 1108 Market Street.

Daily Sunomono at Izakaya Yuzuki: I could honestly include the entire menu at Izakaya Yuzuki but I will choose one of the cold dishes since it is starting to warm up a bit. The daily sunomo is a rice-vinegar based seafood salad and right now features some amazing soft-shell crab. Great way to start a meal at this wonderful restaurant. Izakaya Yuzuki is located at 598 Guerrero Street.

The Mezcal Mule at West of Pecos: It’s hard to describe West of Pecos although upon walking in, it feels a bit like a western movie. It is a really fun, laid-back atmosphere serving up great food and drinks. The Mezcal Mule is just one of the offerings on the drink menu; it features vida, lime, agave and ginger beer all served in an old western-style tin cup. Great presentation and great drink. West of Pecos is located at 550 Valencia Street.