Miles Pickering saw the writing on the wall when he moved to the Mission more than a decade ago. He saw how the neighborhood was growing and thriving. And now, he is set to launch his own business, Pig and Pie, scheduled to open on June 24.

The restaurant is a casual spot where chef/co-owner Nate Overstreet and his team will be preparing sausages in-house everyday. Most of the meats are locally sourced and the opening menu features quite the range of choices (from chorizo and eggs for breakfast/lunch to banh mi and a Chicago dog). “We want the restaurant to fit into the neighborhood, where people can come in maybe after a show or from a local bar and grab some really good food for a reasonable price,” said Pickering.

Eventually, the menu will also feature daily specials. There are also plenty of intriguing sides to choose from (I can already hear the dried sausage sticks and fried pickled okra calling my name).

But sausages aren’t the only thing on the menu. The kitchen will also be serving up pies. A bit of an unusual combination but definitely unique and adhering to that comforting, neighborhood feel. “We’ll have 2-3 pies on the menu all the time and switch out one with the seasonal produce that we get at the markets,” said Overstreet.  The restaurant will also offer a nice selection of beers on tap, a few wines and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

The restaurant will seat about 40-50 with counter seating as well for those who want a front row seat to view the sausage-making process.  The coolest design feature – the hot dog trays that are being used along the wood panels; they really are a perfect fit for the restaurant.

Hot dog trays

Pig and Pie has been on the map for awhile but opening in the old Discolandia spot on 24th Street proved to be a bit of a challenge. “We had to go through a lot because lots of people in the neighborhood wanted us to keep up the big “Records” sign when we took over the space. They just thought it was an integral part of the neighborhood,” said Pickering. “So it took a lot of time and effort to try and get the sign removed. But we finally gave in and said you know what, we’ll work with it. So the sign is still up and we still have our very own brand for the space as well.”

Pickering said all the tiny details that normal small business owners have to go through in the permitting and building process were rough at times, but he, Overstreet and the rest of the team are excited about finally getting to open up shop.

Pig and Pie is located at 2962 24th Street near Harrison in the Mission District. The restaurant will be open from 11-11 Sunday-Thursday and 11-1 am Friday and Saturday.  Click here for a look at the tentative opening menu.