It’s been a moment since the cofounders of experimental techno label Raster-Noton got together for a collaboration project. While all three—Alva Noto, Frank Bretschneider, and Byetone—have collaborated as Signal since the early 2000s, this time, Alva Noto and Byetone are getting together for a new project called Diamond Version. The duo make their debut with an improv set at Sonar this weekend, then on Monday, July 23, they will begin releasing a series of EPs, starting with Technology at the Speed of Life/Empowering Change, on Mute.

As you can infer from the title, Alva Noto and Byetone pull corporate slogans out of their context as a means for subversive humor. The sound, on the other hand, will be seriously rhythmic, harsher, and noisier than their solo endeavors. Take a look at the trailer for now and keep your eyes open later next month to see how their project unfolds.