Known as the Sunset Sinners, Goldsweat’s Just Loco and The Colonel deliver a fresh DJ mix that may be years ahead of its time. Heavy bass and heady vibes rule this sampling of songs while The Colonel lays down a slick flow of rhymes to top it off.

Dubbed “bass music for the Aztec apocalypse,” Just Loco and The Colonel recommend turning up the speakers to experience this next level mix in all its glory.

Normaa “Enana Blanca”

Daleduro “Synth Game Riddim”

Sinjin Hawke “Crystal Dust”

Sam Tiba “ZigZag”

2D Babes “If I Let U Go” (FLYBVCK Remix)

Abel “Virgin Blood”

Al Ripken Jr “Captain Cougar Theme”

Mastah Syphe “Bullrider” (Bleep Bloop Remix)

Flubba “BBC”

Spoonz x Ryddim 93 “No Vibes”

Gatos Locos feat Javier Estrada “Caiman Rave” (Dembowsky Remix)

Jimmy Edgar “LBLB Detroit”