Poolside's New Remix of The Rapture

Most San Francisco EDM aficionados are well familiar with the dance party known as Blow Up, but maybe fewer are familiar with Jeffrey Paradise, Blow Up’s host and half of the nu disco duo Poolside.

The other half of the duo is Filip Nikolic, a Danish-born music producer and bassist in Ima Robot. Paradise’s former San Francisco bandmates in The Calculators, Luke Jenner and Vito Roccoforte, went on to form The Rapture, who recently finished a tour with Poolside. All this has led up to Poolside’s recent remix of The Rapture’s “In the Grace of your Love”.

Poolside took “In the Grace of your Love”, a jazzy, deep track rooted in electronic beats and sexy bass guitar, and threw their own disco spin on it. In addition to a very classic disco dance beat, Poolside infused the song with their own brand of “daytime disco”, adding watery, earthy tones. The Rapture’s haunting vocals are preserved, the bass line recognizable, but with added elements that feel like a summer’s day. The result is something uniquely electronic yet natural, like astroturf that smells like real fresh cut grass. Poolside’s remix of “In the Grace of your Love” gives a taste of something post-electronic that we’re sure to hear more of from other artists in the future. The duo also plays at BFD at Shoreline Amphitheater on June 2.