Name change schmame change. POP ETC (formerly the Morning Benders) aren’t going to let something little like an identity shift impede their momentum. Get ready for a new album from the band you didn’t know you knew.

Berkeley to Brooklyn transplants POP ETC (Chris Chu, Jon Chu & Julian Harmon) released a new single this week from the eagerly anticipated, self-titled followup to their last release Big Echo.

The band went through a name change earlier this year due to the slightly late and very unfortunate discovery that the word “bender” is a derogatory term for a homosexual in Europe. So, to avoid celebrating that fact, and being called The Morning Fags, they changed their name. To POP ETC. Not your favorite? Mine either, but apparently the band has taken a very decisive turn toward the more pop and soul areas of their influences and this new moniker is a fitting one. Their new single, “Keep It For Your Own,” is a collaboration between the band and Danger Mouse. Check it out here and look for the new album, POP ETC, when it drops on June 12th.