Check out this feature-length documentary that takes a comprehensive look at the history of Monsanto–the world’s largest Biotech Agribusiness.

The overwhelming influence that this multinational corporation wields over the highest levels of governmental decision-making is unprecedented. And the direct effect that they have on our food supply is unrivaled. The most shocking part is that when GMOs were introduced into our crops in the mid-90s, it was done without any longterm studies regarding the adverse health risks that they pose. Regulation was roundly bypassed–thanks to Monsanto’s tremendous lobbying power–under the pretense that these genetically-modified foods were ‘substantially equivalent’ to their unmodified counterparts, hence they should not be subject to the same overview that governs any sort of food additives. Even more concerning is that they don’t even have to be labeled any differently than their traditionally-grown counterparts, making it impossible for conscientious consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to genetically-engineered produce.

Another absurd aspect of this ‘substantial equivalency’ ruling is that if you wanted to add something as relatively harmless as a new type of food coloring to a product, it would face far more scrutiny than introducing genetically-engineered “Frankenfoods”–now an unavoidable staple of the American diet, even though most other Westernized nations have fought against them for decades.

The mantra of ‘profits over people‘ guiding American Corporatism is never so transparent as it is in the area of large Agribusiness. The following documentary exposes this unsettling truth in exhaustive fashion, traveling around the globe to shine a light on the worldwide dominion over the food supply that Monsanto is successfully amassing. If you find this film as troubling as I did, please help spread the message. It’s only through widespread awareness that we have any prayer of beating back the corporate privatization of our very nourishment.

Watch for yourself: