Get a bargain lunch from the Burmese food truck parked on Townsend street near the Caltrain station.

Many of the new trendy food trucks tend to easily break a ten bucks lunch budget. So I was impressed to find this food truck peddling a decent $5 lunch meal, that doesn’t leave you hungry. The Burmese Gourmet truck is only open on weekdays during lunch time. The owner had previously told me, that he would offer dinner service every other day, but that didn’t materialize. He also takes turns with his East Bay food truck operation, so I cannot guarantee that he’ll always be there. The menu doesn’t vary too much each day – so far, the entrees written on a white board usually includes a traditional Burmese tea leaf salad, some type of garlic noodle or rice dish, and often times Mohinga – catfish chowder, plus mini samosas for $2.50 each. I’d suggest avoiding the tea leaf salad, because the flavor of the tea leaf mixture is too tart for my taste. But everything else I’ve tried has been surprisingly great. The sliced BBQ pork meat was lean and moist, the roasted duck pieces were flavorful, and the vegetables looked fresh. Perhaps the garlic rice noodles were a bit overcooked, but that’s being too nitpicky. I really couldn’t find any fault, specially at that price. In case anybody finds any similar food truck bargains, let us know. We’d love to post their story to share with all readers.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong