San Francisco is known for its love of food. Many restaurants use fresh, locally-sourced produce, the city has amazing year-round farmers markets and foods like kale and quinoa are not foreign concepts. So, it’s no surprise that we were recently ranked as the second Healthiest City in America.

San Francisco-based startup Massive Health analyzed a slew of data through its free app The Eatery (which allows users to take photos of everything they eat in an effort to better track their habits), to cull the consumption trends of cities across the country. For example, did you know that, of all things, salad is San Francisco’s most popular food, especially Caesar Salad?

Another interesting factoid? Users who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier than those who don’t. So eat that first meal people! According to Massive Health, “The data was obtained from over 7.68 million food ratings of half-a-million foods by Eatery users from over 50 countries over a span of 5 months.”

So – what’s the #1 healthiest city? New York City (I find this hard to believe but the data backs it up). The least healthiest city is Philadelphia. I thought it would have been somewhere like Madison, Wisconsin. And SF edged out Los Angeles, which ranked #3.

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