From the team that brought San Francisco Local Mission Eatery, Local’s Corner is taking that tried-and-true formula and with a little tweaking, carving out a spot in the Mission District.

The restaurant at the corner of 23rd and Bryant streets opened in late March, beginning with breakfast and lunch service and debuted its dinner menu last week. Local Mission Eatery’s philosophy of farm to table dining is seen in the menu with one major difference; it is more like sea to table dining.

The outside window at Local’s Corner says Raw Bar for a reason. There are a handful of oysters on the half-shell to choose from along with a number of raw seafood items ranging from uni with peas, preserved meyer lemon and mint, dungeness crab, cured halibut and anchovies and a squid salad with green garlic, fennel and chilli aioli. Most of the items work well as shared plates and would be probably classified as more of appetizers in terms of portion sizes. The three dishes that are a bit larger in size are the abalone, black cod and rock cod. When I think of most of the cooked fish I have seen, it usually comes off of the stove or from the oven. But at Local’s Corner, the fish is prepared sous vide. It really makes a difference because all of the wonderful juices and flavors are really soaked into each piece of fish. And while the fish is super tender, it is not falling apart and still maintains its texture. Many of the seafood dishes had ingredients that most people wouldn’t necessarily think of pairing together but they all really worked well, offering a nice combination of both textures and flavors.

For non-seafood eaters, there are a few items to choose from (little gem salad, beef tartare, seasonal terrines), but honestly, the restaurant caters to more of the adventurous seafood lovers. There is a nice selection of local brews on tap and an extensive wine list as well.

Although really small (the restaurant probably seats a max of 30 people), there is a warm, neighborly feel to Local’s Corner. Service is friendly and cordial. Prices are on par with other restaurants serving seafood although some may quibble at the size of the dish compared to the price (most of the smaller seafood dishes range from $10-14). But the quality is there to justify the price.

Local’s Corner is located 2500 Bryant Street at 23rd. The restaurant is still adjusting hours. As of right now, they are open from 8 am – 2 pm Tuesday-Sunday and for dinner from 5-10 pm Tuesday-Saturday. They are hoping to launch a midday service this week (from 2-5 pm), which will mean the restaurant will stay open throughout the day.