SF’s Wallpaper. had an electrifying start to 2012 after being signed by Epic Records in early January while his song “#STUPiDFACEDD” continues to heat up radio airwaves. We caught up with him at Coachella to chat about his adventures in the desert and beyond.

As a festival opener in the Mojave tent on Friday, Wallpaper.’s Ricky Reed was “over the moon” about the packed house and hyped up crowd. He had played non-official Coachella parties for years but this was his first time involved in the main event.

Wallpaper. “#STUPiDFACEDD”

You’re from San Francisco and have been attending Coachella since you were young. How have you seen the festival change throughout the years?

It just feels really, really good. Everyone wants to say it feels more mainstream or less but it’s so well curated and has always been amazing.

I remember when I came and saw Prince here and that was so amazing in a completely different way than it’s amazing to see an At The Drive-In reunion or the Dre and Snoop ‘Chronic’ thing.

It’s provided so many different types of experiences that are all spectacular. Every year is great.

I assume you’re not camping?

Camping? No. We got a little apartment and after we spent about one day there it looked like the aftermath of a hurricane, a disaster area that requires a FEMA cleanup at this point. I usually get a ride back there from a rando, just jump in a car. I haven’t had to walk back yet.

You have a really unique, fun sound. If I was to describe your style to someone who had never heard your music before, what would you say?

I would say three things: a mid-90s model Jeep Cherokee, Mt. Tamalpias and Nicki Minaj’s backside – not her music, just her butt. Those three things would create the Wallpaper. sound.

So what’s next?

Think I’ll probably go grab a margarita…oh, next. I’ll be putting out a record but it’s hard to say exactly when with the way the major operations go.

I have enough music, but I’m having so much fun on such a creative high right now. I could really make a double album.