Post-rock instrumental band Explosions in the Sky took the stage at the Palace of Fine Arts on April 16, and a second show on the 17th.

While some may recognize the band from soundtracks for movies and television shows like Friday Night Lights, the band’s knack for capturing emotional crescendo through streaming ribbons of electric guitar and the build up of drums that echo heart beats has earned them worldwide respect.

For Explosions in the Sky’s reputation for powerfully emotional post-rock, there couldn’t be a more appropriate opening band than Zammuto.

The band is a successful project from Nick Zammuto of the experimental duo the Books. The product is a unique mix of paced beats, technically mastered electric instruments and Zammuto’s highly electronically affected vocals, creating something that both old-school organic music lovers and electro-philes alike can appreciate. A very impressive aspect of the band is Sean Dixon’s drumming, a fast-paced yet careful drummer who earned the loudest applause from the audience last night. Zammuto ended their set with a series of strange and humorous videos, adding the band’s personal view and authenticity to their last songs.

Last April, Explosions in the Sky released their sixth studio album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, much to the approval of fans who waited four years for new material from the band. At the Palace of Fine Arts, Explosions in the Sky played songs from a variety of their albums, including favorite tracks like “First Breath After Coma”.

The band’s energy and enthusiasm with their music makes their live shows a truly special experience. Not only was their performance precise, it was also sincere and climactic. The band’s presence as they walked onstage was genuinely thankful and humble, but when they started to play their entire bodies and souls became completely enthralled by the sounds they created. The band members, especially guitarist Munaf Rayani, danced as they played, appearing to become one with the instruments they held, creating a captivating visual as well as a vibrant energy that reverberated from the band as they played.

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