This Saturday, April 21, Public Works, Icee Hot, and As You Like It come together to welcome techno legend Jeff Mills.

Mills got his foundations as a radio host, known as The Wizard, before he became involved with Mike “Mad” Banks and Robert “Noise” Hood as Underground Resistance in the early 80s. Underground Resistance served as a musical collective whose aesthetics centered on futurism and promoting political change. Mills’s style of hard, raw techno reflects these attitudes and the changing landscape of Detroit at the time.

After he left Underground Resistance, Mills set out for New York to pursue his solo career before moving on to Berlin, where he became involved with the club and label, Tresor. Now, he keeps up a handful of projects, including his own label, Axis.

In the same vein as Mills, Detroiter Terrence Parker is also on the bill, along with the man behind LA’s well-known Interface parties and the Droid Recordings imprint, Drumcell.

Additional support will be given from Icee Hot DJs in the Oddjob loft and an opening set from Mossmoss on the main floor. More information and presale tickets can be found here.