Art and science get cozy at Southern Exposure in new exhibition Intimate Science, which focuses on the work of a number of artist-researchers who draw inspiration from multiple disciplines.


In the digital-age, more and more artists have taken to working with technology and by branching out have found new ways to express cultural ideas while fostering greater public appreciation for science and scientific education.

The exhibition will feature work from a number of different artists that have been featured in a new digital publication titled New Art/Science Affinities, which summarizes recent art-science interactions among more than sixty artists and collaborators.

Some of the projects included in the exhibition are an exploration of the use of biotechnology to create a new blue carnation phenotype, a visual analysis of the application of taxonomy to genetically modified organisms and a living installation that incorporates plant material and computer fabrication technologies.

Intimate Science will be on view at Southern Exposure in San Francisco from April 20 through June 2