Saturday, April 14, No Way Back brings heat to the rave cave at 222 Hyde with a special guest from the techno capital.

Known as the “Disco Machine,” Berlin-based Dennis Kaun, aka DJ Kaos owes his illustrious DJ career to his expansive taste and musical endeavors. His first production was a collaboration EP with krautrock pioneer, Manuel Göttsching, who is best known for his prominent role in Ash Ra Tempel. Kaos also made a fusion of electropop, hip hop, and punk rock as one of the original members of Terranova in the mid-90s. Add to that a strong foundation in dance music, from acid to disco, and the possibilities are endless.

Kaos has released tracks on acclaimed record labels such as DFA, Clone, and !K7. In the last year, he launched his Jolly Jams imprint, with the intention of releasing music he loves.

Recently, Kaos gave Fabric a live recording of a set he did in Japan for their promo series. Listen to it below, and don’t forget to join him and the No Way Back crew tomorrow at 222.

No Way Back returns to 222 Hyde with DJ Kaos this Saturday, April 14. Tickets are $5 – $15 and can be purchased here.