Spice Month is an internationally-celebrated affair and to celebrate, New Delhi (160 Ellis Street)–one of the city’s premiere Indian restaurants–is going to be serving up six spicy specials for the rest of April. The specials will highlight the country’s most beloved spices.

Chef Ranjan Dey has created his own New World Spice blends which he has incorporated into the dishes. Inspired by the cuisine of the royal families of ancient India, including the Mahrajah of Kashmir who was known to love cinnamon and cardamom, the specials will range in price from $14 – $18 and will be available for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

I’ve been enjoying the fine flavors at New Delhi for years and am always eager for another opportunity to return. They make an exquisite Tandoori Chicken and their vegetable pakoras are crisp and delicious. Here’s a list of what is featured for Spice Month:

Balti Style Mango Prawn

or Mango Mushrooms (Veg)

Sweet & Tangy Mango Soup Masala

Bombay Saffron Bhuna Lamb

or Bombay Soya Nuggets (Veg)

Bombay Saffron Rice Spice Blend

Lemon Mustard Fish Curry

or Mustard Gobi (Veg)

Calcutta Lemon Mustard Curry

Kashmiri Lamb Kofta

or Vegetable Kofta (Veg)

Kashmiri Mild Curry

Spicy Madras Tamarind Chicken

or Eggplant Tamarind (Veg)

Madras Tamarind Hot Curry

New Delhi BBQ Chicken Ferezi

or Paneer Ferezi (Veg)

New Delhi BBQ Spice