Brooklyn’s Here We Go Magic know not to keep their audience waiting. Though their new album, A Different Ship (Secretly Canadian),  is not due out for another six weeks, the band released a new single and announced a new 7” and pre-order for the new album.

In 2009, Here We Go Magic was one man—Luke Temple—one tom drum, one guitar, one synth and one microphone. He recorded and released his self-titled debut and the mixture of unrelenting, pulsating rhythms, psychedelic swirls of pattern and low-fi curtains of noise was extremely well received. It was a good time for Temple.

He caught the lip of the psych-noise wave and rode the curl all the way to Groovytown. Putting together a full line-up to help with the live elements, Temple and new additions Kristina Lieberson (keyboards), Michael Bloch (guitar), Jennifer Turner (bass guitar), and Peter Hale (drums), spent the next few years touring with the likes of Grizzly Bear, The Walkmen and Broken Social Scene, and playing milestone festivals such as Pitchfork, Bonnaroo and Glastonbury.

I was initially pulled to the band by the first single from their debut release entitled “Tunnelvision”.

It is hypnotic, soothing and constant. The song sits stagnant in a pool of constant tension and I mean this in a good way. If a band is able to hold us in a steady state of rigidity without fluctuating from the introductory theme, the galloping rhythms or the hint of melody line provided—and yet we are still compelled to listen—imagine the possibilities within a composition that is more fluid.

Three years later we have the liquid gold. A Different Ship is still hypnotic, driving and dense, but Temple has long since moved on from his one-man island. The collaborative efforts especially shine through on songs like “Alone But Moving” and “Over The Ocean”—their starkness standing out completely from within the funk-driven pulsations of much of the album. It looks like Temple has finally and fully stepped out from behind the curtains, becoming comfortable relying on his fellow band mates.

The band released their second single off of A Different Ship entitled “How Do I Know” – it is available for streaming here. They also announced a pre-order for the album and an upcoming 7” that you can get your hands on here.

Keep an eye out, Here We Go Magic will be passing through SF on June 12 at The Independent.

Photo by Christaan Felber