Have you ever craved a good ol’ fashioned PB & J? How about a cool, crisp shot of chilled vodka? Now how about both of those combined? Did you just cringe and vomit a little in your mouth? Or did your eyes light up with eagerness?

Van Gogh Vodka (someone is definitely turning over in their grave) has come out with a peanut butter & jelly flavored vodka. Why? Well, why not?

The company’s other vodkas go the more “traditional” route with flavors like peach, coconut, melon and caramel. So perhaps this is just a far-fetched publicity stunt to get bloggers (like me) to start talking about the company. Or maybe the crazy cats at Van Gogh actually think this is a good idea. Either way, here we are.

And, in case you were wondering, the jelly profile is raspberry not strawberry. Up next for Van Gogh is a pickle and pork rind flavored vodka.

Just Kidding.

[via Gothamist]

Image courtesy of Van Gogh Vodka