New York indie pop band Cults brought vintage-inspired upbeat rock to San Francisco this week, with a show at the Great American Music Hall on Wednesday and another at Slim’s the following night.

Cults at Slim's

The core of Cults is the duo of vocalist Madeline Follin and vocalist and guitarist Brian Oblivion. Follin’s stage presence charmed the audience as she swayed back and forth, clutching the hem of her indie darling dress while Oblivion, with his long dark hair and tall frame, brought a rock ‘n’ roll stoicism to the band.

The energy was high as the audience sang along to nearly every song, with hits like “Go Outside” and “You Know What I Mean” standing out as favorites of the band and the crowd. The personality of the band and their enthrallment with the music they play is what makes Cults more memorable than other indie rock bands, allowing them to transcend their blog-hit popularity.

View images from the Cults show at Slim’s.