Love ’em or hate ’em hipsters are here to stay. All you have to do is walk by Dolores Park on a passably warm day to see the hordes of unkempt, skinny-jean wearing hipsters lounging around in packs with their their track bikes and cases of PBR, taunting you with their indolence as you trudge to your office cubicle for work.

Well, now they have their own YouTube channel called – you guessed it – American Hipster. Launched yesterday and produced by SF-based creative studio Seedwell, the channel features three original shows that both embrace and poke fun at the hipster culture (I want you to know that it just killed me a little inside to write both “hipster” and “culture” in one sentence.)

The flagship show “American Hipster Presents” hosted by Paavo Steinkamp, a charming bespectacled host with ironic sideburns, goes out to various cities across the country and susses out its hipsters. Of course, the first city to be profiled is San Francisco. The SF segment will include hipster luminaries such as Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel Coffee, The Bon Vivants and barber Shorty Maniace.

But the channel’s Hipster Grandmas, where two supposed hipsters dress up as Florida-by-way-of-The Bronx grandmas and dish on current events, is perhaps its most interesting show only because it looks funny and totally makes fun of hipsters in a meta kind of way. The creators describe it as “TMZ meets The BBC meets Seinfeld’s parents.” Whatever that means.

And then there’s Max of Max Movie Reviews. I’m not going to lie, I cracked up watching this. What is it about talking babies…? Especially talking babies with a mustache and a fake German accent.

Now you can stop mocking the hipsters in the Mission and silently mock them while watching YouTube.