This week’s top SF performances include Dance Anywhere at SFMOMA, The Collection at Exit Theatre, and a special April Fools Variety Show at Stage Werx 446.

This Friday, Dance Anywhere will unite San Francisco at noon (PST), New York at 3pm (EST), Paris at 8pm, Rome, etc, with global hour of dance. In San Francisco, SFMOMA will be the stomping ground for this open dance-a-thon where everyone is invited to stop and do a little dance.

Theatrical magician, Christian Cagigal, will unleash his show, The Collection, this Sunday at the Exit Theatre. The details for the show are kept strictly under lock and key, and audience members are also sworn to secrecy. If you want to get in on the secret, catch the magic before it ends on Friday April 13.

On Monday, if you’re looking for a good April Fools laugh, check out the April Fools Variety Show at Stage Werx 446 . Hosted by local troupe, Picklewater Clown Cabaret, this year’s show will feature a range of local and internationally acclaimed circus acts, comedians, acrobats and several alumni from SF’s Clown Conservatory (the only year-long professional clown school in America.).