K. Flay, also known as Kristine Flaherty, is arguably the coolest new female hip hop artist to emerge from the Bay Area. While she currently rests her head in Brooklyn, she put in work and started her career in San Francisco. We caught with her to find out some of her favorite spots when she’s back in the Bay Area.

K. Flay returns to San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop on a West Coast tour following Austin’s SXSW festival.

What San Francisco neighborhood are you from and what do you enjoy most about it?

NOPA.  What I love is the crazy mix of people there—old people, little kids, dogs, weirdos.  Everybody.  Oh yeah, and the food is the shiiiiiiit.

Favorite place outside of SF:

New York.  You can get anything, anytime,  Wwich is either amazing or dangerous if you want bad stuff at five in the morning.

Best show you’ve attended in the Bay Area:

Oh man, there’ve been so many amazing shows,  but I think my favorite was when Liz Phair came to the Fillmore and played the entirety of “Exile in Guyville.”  That was like a watershed moment for me.

Favorite local rapper:


Favorite Place to party in SF:

For bar/possible dancing, Laszlo. For tequila, Mosto. For all out rages, Public Works.

Go-to spot for new gear:

Thrift Town.

Favorite spot for a cheap meal:

Yamo.  The cold noodles are my JAM.

What are three things that keep that make it hard to leave SF:

Dim sum, Dolores Park and never knowing if someone is gay or straight or both or all or neither.

When seeking inspiration, go to:

Eddie’s Cafe on Fulton.

For a good time call:

Me.  But first you gotta get my number.

K.Flay is performing at Rickshaw Stop on Thursday, April 5. The show starts at 10pm and tickets are $12-$15.