The quirky bluegrass quintet, Punch Brothers, are making a pit stop at The Fillmore on March 8, and it’s sure to be a honky-tonk good time.

Although the group has been playing together for six years, they are just starting to get recognition for redefining the bluegrass sound, or starting a “newgrass” movement as some critics are calling it. Their music is an inconceivably perfect mixture of southern hootenanny and classic sophistication. Along with soothing vocals, they use the mandolin, double bass, guitar, fiddle and banjo without restraint, and always take the crowd out for a wild night on the town.

The Punch Brothers’ new album “Who’s Feeling Young Now?” is the group’s third album and an adventure in itself. While their previous album “Antifogmatic” nodded more toward traditional bluegrass, their new album is full of acoustic experimentation and multi-tracked vocals. The first couple songs on the new record are all stunners. “This Girl” has an incredibly catchy chorus and inventive harmonies. “No Concern of Yours” begins as a slow melody, but once the mandolin, guitar, and banjo pick up, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a full-blown sound showdown. And “Who’s Feeling Young Now?” is just plain ‘ol fun and surprising with its ever-changing melody.

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