This week, a truck broke down at the intersection of Kearny and Geary, right in the middle of the downtown evening rush hour traffic, around 6 pm. No big news, except for the cargo of lightly dressed ladies dancing inside.

It’s a coincidence that on the same week that we posted a story about the upcoming Penthouse Club and Steakhouse in North Beach, that another Deja Vu company franchise brand was the topic of discussions in some local social circles. In this case, it was about the Hustler’s Honeys aboard Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club’s Stripper Mobile. A former U-Haul truck converted to display its cargo with plexiglass panels, and a stripper pole inside.

What, didn’t know there was such a truck? The Stripper Mobile first debuted rolling along the Las Vegas strip a few years ago, but was soon shutdown due to protests. Too cool for Vegas. It also drew complaints from prude residents in St. Louis, Baltimore and Tampa. This truck was introduced in the city during the summer 2010. As far as we know, no protests yet. Another reason why San Francisco is the coolest city.

The incident was not a publicity stunt, the driver was clearly having a bad day. The engine wouldn’t start, and his attempts to push the truck by himself were futile, while a few impatient drivers honked their horns. The truck of Honeys was circling around Moscone Center’s RSA convention hoping to attract gullible flies, er… I mean, potential club customers.

The 3 ladies on board happily entertained the pedestrians who stopped to watch, waving, posing, and performing brief routines spinning on the dance pole. This put a smile on the office workers waiting for the bus heading home, and dozens of curious onlookers were snapping pictures of the stalled truck with their cellphones.

A handful of samaritans came to the rescue, and helped push the truck out of the way. Never a dull moment in SF.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong