What do you think is the best brew in San Francisco? My favorite is Four Barrel Coffee and the folks at Krups happen to agree. Every year they scour the country’s coffee houses seeking out exceptional cups of coffee. And this year the Mission’s Four Barrel took home the prize in San Francisco.

According to Krups, “Four Barrel, is serious about sourcing the best beans for their brews, going to great lengths to obtain the most flavorful beans from farms in Colombia, Costa Rica, Sumatra and more. Four Barrel roasts on the premises, and also offers classes for customers who want to learn how to brew better coffee at home.”

The votes were tallied through the company’s Facebook Page. Four Barrel beat out last year’s winner, Blue Bottle Coffee.

So – do you think Four Barrel deserved the win?

Four Barrel Coffee

375 Valencia St, bet 14 & 15 Streets