A new app could make pencil and paper waiting lists or those vibrating pagers passé in the near future. It’s called Nosh List and it’s now available for free at Apple’s App Store.

CNET has the lowdown on the app, which can be downloaded to a restaurant’s iPad. The host or hostess takes down a customer’s mobile phone number and the customer receives a text when their table is ready.

There are obviously a number of positives with this system. A customer can walk around the neighborhood and as long as they have cell service, be notified without a phone call. And if they don’t show up when their table is ready, they will get a phone call with a pre-recorded message.

One of the problems is that users cannot reply to the text message from the restaurant, although founder Craig Walker of Firespotter Labs said that may come in the future as a paid upgrade.

While Nosh List does not allow restaurants to download the phone numbers of diners, it will let hosts know who might be a returning and repeat visitor, a huge plus for restaurants.



Photo Credit: Firespotter Labs