World famous City Lights Bookstore—which pays homage to the Beat poets and novelists of the 1950s that called the North Beach area of San Francisco home—has joined the digital age.

The City Lights Booksellers and Publishers recently launched a new blog that while late to the game, promises to be prolific (many posts have been written and it’s only been several days since its launch) and informative, as it has grown out of the renowned literary landmark.

Founded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the independent bookstore and press, which has a history of carrying rare and harder to find titles, has since grown into one of the most famous and respected alternative bookstores in the entire world. Being connected to such a storied history and progressive American ideas, the City Lights blog is sure to be a winner. And the Internet—overwhelming at times with the number of voices speaking at once in cacophony—will get a dose of the old-world charm and intelligent discourse that has sustained the brick and mortar City Lights bookstore for half-a-century.