For all the bold talk by the Mayor, the Senator and others who were hoping for a different outcome, it looks like the inevitable move by the 49ers has reach escape velocity. The moment where we start to hang our heads as San Franciscans can officially begin.

49ers Moving To Santa Clara: City Council Approves Contract For New Stadium

On Tuesday night, the 49ers’ move to Santa Clara became official. And the new plan will put the stadium opening date a season ahead of schedule — meaning the 49ers will play only two more seasons at Candlestick Park.

The luxurious new 68,500-seat stadium will serve as a welcomed — and much deserved — relief for the 49ers, who encountered an embarrassing power outage this season at Candlestick. The state-of-the-art, billion-dollar stadium will include details like 160 luxury suites, 9,000 club seats, local wines and gourmet amenities, a 13,600-foot scoreboard, 370 concession stands, spacious indoor-outdoor plazas with valley views and 40,000 parking spaces.

All the hemming and hawing and lack of voter support helped cement this day. Good job everyone. Well done.