Do you hate Valentine’s Day and all it entails with the white hot passion of a thousand blinding suns? Can your feelings best be expressed by teasing your hair to within an inch of its life and then belting out an 80s power ballad? Then this is for you…

SF IndieFest is going on all week and for Valentine’s they’ve planned a little something extra special for us: Love Bites: 80s Power Ballad Sing-a-Long.

“When metal went glam, and glam boys needed radio hits to afford the fancy hair product they’d grown addicted to, they slowed it down a bit for the ladies and created the anthems that would become theme songs for an entire generation. We’ll hold lighters in the air and sway, we’ll pound our fists at the sky in defiance of those who would dare not love us, and we’ll do it all with teased hair and animal print tights on. Featuring the music of Guns ‘n Roses, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Journey, Warrant, and more…” And there’ll be free drinks. Need I say more?


Love Bites: 80s Power Ballad Sing-a-Long

Tue Feb 14

Roxie Theater