Massive Debris Heading Towards CA Coastline

File this one under WTF?! Apparently, there’s 25 million tons of flotsam (i.e. debri floating around in the water) heading towards us. I know there’s a movie idea in here somewhere…

According to HuffPo, “At this very moment, up to 25 million tons of debris–occupying an area roughly the size of California–is a on a collision course for the North American west coast.”

The wreckage is the by-product of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last March, and includes cars, parts of people’s houses, furniture and human body parts. But don’t worry, the majority of the debri isn’t predicted to reach us until next winter. And, if the Mayans were right, the world is going to end before that so…we’re all set.

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Image credit: YouTube via Huffington Post