Work from world renowned photojournalists that spans the first decade of the current century will be on display courtesy of a new traveling exhibition, Seeing Double –The Best of DOUBLEtruck Magazine. Founder and Editor in Chief of DOUBLEtruck magazine Scott Mc Kiernen has selected 60 of the best photographs from the first five years of the award-winning photojournalism magazine to present live to the public.

Organized at the behest of Mc Kiernen’s KONA Gallery and the Photojournalism Center, the showcase is meant to take the viewer on a brief journey through recent history via iconic doubletruck (or two-page) images that celebrate the tragedy and joy of the human condition. Ranging from bizarre to shocking to beautiful, the powerful images of world events may evoke mixed emotions. They reflect the emergence of a new digital global consciousness and interconnectivity—the visual collective memory and narrative of seven billion minds.

Some famous photos that have been featured in DOUBLEtruck magazine include a photo by Anne Elizabeth Maurer of abductee Elizabeth Smart with her alleged captor Brian David Mitchell; an image by Jean Paul Thomas of Cameroon player Marc-Vivien Foe who died of a heart attack on the pitch during the Confederations Cup in 2003; many photos of the Iraq War, including a controversial image by Tami Silicio of deceased soldiers returning home to the states in caskets wrapped in the American flag; a photo by Valery Mvelnikov of the destruction wrought by the Chechen bombing of a school in North Ossetia which killed 330 people; a shot of the disfigured face of former Ukrainian President Viktor Andriyovych Yushenko after he was poisoned; depictions of the effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; snapshots of the aftermath of the bombing of the London Underground; and photos of the city and people of New Orleans after the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

Hosted by The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, the exhibition is on the ground floor of San Francisco City Hall through May 18, 2012. Viewing hours will be weekdays from 8am to 5pm and entrance is free.