Plastic Bag Fees?

You know that plastic bag you just got your lunch burrito in? Well, you’re about to start paying for it. The City Insider reported that today Mayor Ed Lee moved in favor of a “proposal to charge customers on all bags handed out by San Francisco businesses at the checkout out stand or takeout counter…”

This could mean that every time you ask for a bag or are even handed one with your purchased goods inside, it will be you that will be paying for it. I find this law is going to be almost impossible to enforce. What about the myriad of bodegas around town or those ubiquitous pink plastic groceries bags that every single person in Chinatown seems to be carrying? And what will be the estimated cost to consumers?

Now that the Mayor has approved the proposal, it’s sure to be passed by the Board of Supervisors. Be ready to get out your wallets.

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Photo credit: Geeks on the Inside


  1. Charging for plastic bags will force people to think about whether or not they need a bag or to even bring their own bag. This isn’t a situation that requires additional spending – it’s an opportunity to think about the necessity of an item that usually ends up blowing in the wind.

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