Last week, Peruvian restaurant La Mar Cebicheria added new special dishes to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. These specials will be available until February 10.

Every week, La Mar restaurant features a few daily specials that entice regular customers to come back. This time chef Diego Alcantara has created a couple of special Chinese Peruvian fusion dishes in honor of the Chinese New Year.

Most items are clever interpretations of traditional Chinese dishes like fried rice, mapo tofu and a steamed fish. But the flavors differ with the use of Peruvian chile peppers. The Enoki pot resembles a homey bowl of seafood stew. And the most unique dish is also the simplest, in which the popular chicha morada drink has been reduced into saucy dipping sauce, for perfectly fried jumbo shrimps. Also comes with a side of spicy mango salsa.

The special fusion menu follows below:

Cebiche chifa

Yellow tail with peanuts, scallions, ginger, pickled carrots and daikon, habanero peppers, wonton strips and cilantro, in pineapple leche de tigre.

Mapo tofu

Seabass chicharron, cha siu and tofu in a chile pepper aji panca sauce.


Jumbo shrimps in a crispy sweet potato crust, chicha morada reduction and mango cebiche.

Super chifa

Peruvian Chinese fusion fried rice with scallions, Chinese sausage, bell peppers, fried egg noodles and soy sauce.

Enoki pot

Enoki mushrooms, white seaweed, eggplant, shrimps and noodles in an abalone and aji amarillo brothy sauce.

Whole fish

Steamed fish with scallions, ginger, cilantro and bean sprouts, in an aji amarillo soy sauce, served with chaufa blanco.

Photo Credit: La Mar facebook.