Since the release of his remix of “Riverside” by Sidney Samson (now at over 80,000 downloads), Swedish-based producer and DJ Peo de Pitte has steadily gained notoriety with his bass-thumping big room sounds.

Peo’s endeavors and releases have led him to tour around the world and release tracks under big labels such as Global Underground, attracting the attention of acts like Afrojack, Crookers, and more. Peo de Pitte will be stopping by San Francisco this Friday at Public Works in the Oddjob Loft along with local acts DJ Icon, Eric Sharp, and Motion Potion.

Give use a little background on how you got into DJing.

When I was a kid I used to hang at a local soul, house and R&B radio station where I grew up in Stockholm/Sweden. I saved up enough bucks to be able to get my own turntable decks. I then got into being one of their local residents at their club nights even though I was only 15-years-old and underage. Good times!

Who were some of your inspirations when you started DJing?

Back then it was all about DMC championship and watching dusty VHS tapes of the competitions. I was heavily into Kurtis Mantronik, Bomb the Bass and later on Armand Van Helden (who still rocks it)! It was all about fun samples and b-boy style. I still love those tunes these guys managed to get together on very sparse equipment.

Did you always strive just to make your own distinctive sound?

When you start out you listen to what is popular and try to imitate and pick up on things which you like. I did the same but I quite quickly realized that no scenes out there had that music I was after to play. So why not make my own shit?!

I still find it hard to place what music that it is I actually do and I think that’s a great thing. I want people to come to my show to hear my sound, not just a DJ who plays house or tech from the charts.

You drop a lot of releases for free to share with fans. What is the mindset behind doing so, rather than making people pay for the newest mix/track?

The bootlegs I drop for free and it’s a great way to reach out to people through internet. It’s such a reward to get the feedback from new fans who discover my music that way. They come back also and support me and buy my own tracks. I do exclusive previews weeks in advance on Soundcloud to the people who follow me, so get on board and I’ll send you private secret links there!

You released your newest single, “Who Do You Love?” not too long ago. What was the message you were trying to convey with the song?

I was more trying to get the most ugliest bass sound in the world for that tune, I think I managed in the end. And I like hooks in dance music, hence the sample from The Running Man movie in there.

Your tracks always sound like they should be on fat sound systems. Is this something you consciously strive for when making a track?

Yeah, I spend a lot of times on my mixdowns. I always try to nail it when it comes to how it sounds on a big system. It’s all about the right bass in your face!

What’s the feeling you hope people will walk away with whom haven’t heard you play before?

Someone posted on Facebook that my set was one his highlights ever, that made me really happy!

Will you be releasing an EP this year?

There will be more singles for sure. First up is a collaboration track with bassheads NAPT who is out in two months times on Australian label Vicious. And I’m working on a couple of more singles also here on the laptop now in L.A. for U&A.

I try and keep away from remixes now but there is a few of those in the pipe also. I’ve done a heavy remix for Savage Skulls which will come out on Buraka Som Sistema’s label Enchufada and also another one for all-time favorites Plump DJ’s on Grand Hotel.

What should we have ready for you here in SF?

Roll up the big bassbins then just come down and rock it with me, it will be a great show and my best friends are playing alongside with me. Hope to see you there!

Peo de Pitte performs at Public Works on February 3rd. Tickets are $8 and doors open at 10pm.