This week’s top literary events include readings and lectures by  Heather Donahue, Ben Marcus and Dr. Jane McGonigal.

You may remember Heather Donahue as the star of The Blair Witch Project. The actress turned author will present her memoir, Growgirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot, this Thursday at The Booksmith.

Dr. Jane McGonigal thinks a game designer should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and she’s on a mission to make it happen. Catch her lecture, The Power of Gaming, this Tuesday at the Herbst Theatre.

Also on Tuesday, Ben Marcus presents his novel, The Flame Alphabet, at City Lights. Marcus’ shorter pieces have appeared in The New Yorker and The Believer, but this longer piece of fiction explores the importance of family and just how much humans can endure to protect the ones they love.