On the heals of a massive New Year’s Eve party at the Regency Ballroom with Kreayshawn, Wallpaper is taking it’s full-throttle electro dance party to the South Bay for a gig this weekend at The Blank Club in downtown San Jose.

We checked in with Ricky Reed (aka Eric Frederic) at his recording studio, where he is currently cutting his major-label debut.

 What kind of background do you have in music? How did you get your start?

I took piano lessons as a lil’ bro and also played punk rock in junior high. My mama was an R&B singer, too.

 What music are you a fan of?

Funk, West Coast rap 90s to now.  Sly, MJ, Parliament.

Your songs started out as satirical. Do you still see popular rap/hip-hop/club music from the same outsider perspective, or is the scene dragging you in? Are you more sympathetic to the stars now?

I’m not cutting anyone any slack. If you’re still making shit, that’s what it is. Nobody is safe.

 Who and/or what is your inspiration, both musically and personally?

Great records inspire me, but so do big thinkers. Everyone from D.A. Wallach to L.A. Reid to Occupiers to Michelle Obeezy to Tyler the Creator.

 What do your friends and family think of your success?

They are very happy, of course, but none of us like to think it’s bigger than it is. One day at a time. If I win a Grammy, then we will celebrate.

 Your music was in The Jersey Shore. Has anyone else approached you about more commercial opportunities like that?

Yeah, we’ve got a few of those, but I let my team sort those while I grind out in the studio.

 What is your philosophy on performing? I hear you put on some pretty fantastic shows. What is your process?

Since I have a background bringing the audience wild punk shows, I know how to make a big, robust, visceral show. None of this “dude with a DJ” vibe.

What are your future plans and next steps?

Make this album! I’m responding to these questions from the studio where I’m steady grinding. 2012 is gonna be a big year–gotta make sure I got the soundtrack for it!