Workers in the Financial District looking for quick, in-and-out dining for lunch have a new option to choose from on Market Street: u-sushi.

We explained the concept behind u-sushi, started by the team running Ozumo a few weeks ago. Now, the restaurant has officially come to fruition, opening on Thursday at 525 Market Street.

I got a sneak peek behind the scenes of the restaurant this week. It’s a small space with no seating, though there is seating nearby up and down Market Street. The goal is to get customers in and out within a few minutes. Once the kinks are worked out, customers will be able to order their own custom sushi rolls, with the entire process from start to finish taking a little more than a minute. Talk about quick bites!

There are plenty of options in terms of fish, veggies and toppings/sauces. The menu also includes miso soup and salads, snacks and desserts. There are plenty of drink options as well.

The process is really interesting to watch. A machine spreads the rice on either nori or soy wrap evenly, it is rolled by your sushi chef once all your ingredients are selected, then cut into even pieces by a different machine and wrapped in paper to go.

I think the perception may be “fast food” sushi, it just can’t be that good. But in fact, my roll was terrific and had all the taste of an authentic, full service sushi restaurant.

u-sushi is located at 525 Market Street and will be open Monday-Friday from 10:30-7:00.



Photo Credit: u-sushi