Thursday January 19, As You Like It and Public Works get the weekend started early with an extra special set from pioneering French DJ, Laurent Garnier. Garnier is one of those DJs who found a clear sense of purpose since determining his love for music as a child. Sharing his passion and delighting a crowd came to the forefront of his career goals not long after when he began hosting his own radio shows, DJing and producing music.

Growing up in Paris, Garnier’s first club experiences would not compare to what he would encounter when he traveled to cities with more established electronic dance music scenes. In the late ‘80s, Garnier found himself in Manchester for work and devoted his spare time to music as he held residency at the popular club, Haçienda, under the alias, DJ Pedro.

Through the internationalism of the club scenes in the UK at this time, Garnier absorbed the sounds of acid house and techno coming from the US as interpreted by the British. A trip to New York followed several years later, and by the time he returned to Paris to settle down once more, Garnier was beaming with inspiration he was ready to share. His first acclaimed track, “Acid Eiffel,” spurred the acquisition of house music in France as the development of French electronic dance music as a whole began to take off. In following years, he kept up with music production and played often in local hot spots—such as Le Boy, Le Queen, Le Palace and The Rex—as he gained attention worldwide as a DJ.

Now, with over 25 years in the making, Garnier shows an amount of dedication to his work with the projects he takes up, from hosting his online radio show, Pedro’s Broadcasting Basement, to writing his biography, Electrochoc. He also allows his eclecticism to shine through his productions by allowing them to branch out from their techno base to contemporary cutting-edge territories, with his latest full length Tales of a Kleptomaniac touching on jazz and dubstep. Recently he developed a way to change up his music delivery to his audience via the Live Booth Sessions (L.B.S.), aka Loud Bass and Samples, project, which merges DJing with live instrumentation for a new and intimate club experience.

L.B.S. is made up of Garnier and his friends, Scan X and Benjamin Rippert, on machines and keyboards respectively. Garnier acts as a composer for this performance that clocks in at five hours—a unique set for his first SF appearance in over ten years that is not to be missed.

Catch Laurent Garnier’s Live Booth Sessions at Public Works Thursday, January 19 at Public Works with an opening set by Mossmoss and support from M3, Rich Korach, Briski, and P-Play in the Oddjob Loft. Tickets are $20 – $25 and can be purchased here.