Something sweet is happening at La Cocina (2948 Folsom Street), the Mission’s non-profit incubator program. A series of cooking classes will kick-off on February 8th, with a live demo dedicated to the decadence of Valentine’s Day.

Popular confectionaries including La Luna Cupcakes, Kika’s Treat and Neo Cocoa, will show students how to create the luscious sweets that make lovers swoon. Starting at 6:30pm and continuing until 9, the workshop will feature informative lessons on the fun and complex art of making truffles, caramels and cupcakes.

Sessions will be offered monthly throughout the year, each one focusing on a different cuisine and technique. Classes are $65 a person, which includes a sit-down dinner and some fine red wine. All proceeds benefit href=””>La Cocina in their noble and delicious pursuit to help small businesses gain the traction and notoriety necessary for success. So not only are you helping educate yourself to become a better cook, you’re also assisting the fine city of San Francisco in becoming more tasty with every passing day.

For more detailed information and to secure tickets, click here.