The Coachella lineup dropped on Monday and of course everyone wants to go, especially since this year’s festivities will be held two weekends in a row, giving double the chance of snagging a ticket. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy so check out our ticketing guide to guarantee securing a spot.

Rules are annoying and significantly lower the fun factor. That said, get through these bothersome requirements, get your tickets and let the fun commence.

  1. The sale date and time is this Friday, January 13 at 10am Pacific. Being in front of a computer, connected to the internet and actively refreshing the page at that exact moment is essential.
  2. Prior to Friday, check out this site to read about the different types of passes available.

    Picking a top choice and second choice is recommended, just in case the first is sold out before you can land it. Note: click on the weekend options in the top left to see what’s still available for each day.

  3. Yes, there are very little passes left for Weekend 1 and the only way to secure a spot that weekend is to go with the GA Festival Pass/Shuttle Pass Combo. Unless of course you were one of the forward thinkers who got the layaway tickets last June. This June, get the layaway tickets for 2013.
  4. Concerts and venues use all kinds of different ticketing services now that we’ve all denounced Ticketmaster. Unfortunately, they make you register for an account before you buy anything. If you wait till Friday to do this, you’re just going to increase the amount of anxiety already pulsing through your veins.

    Coachella is using a company called Frontgate Tickets and you’re going to want to register anytime between now at 10am Friday. It’s also a great idea to sign into that account shortly before 10am so there’s no waiting at all.

  5. For detailed illustrated instructions read through the How to Purchase page on the Coachella website.
  6. Good luck and have fun. Who knows how quickly it will sell out? Even though they’ve doubled the chances, many will be left empty handed.

Always remember StubHub, Craigslist and other sites can be helpful in securing a spot if it’s sold out. Be wary of what you’re purchasing and understand that there is risk involved, especially with Craigslist. If that doesn’t work just grab a ride with friends and enjoy the many pool, private and afterparties going on in the area.

Did we miss anything? Share you secrets to success at Coachella in our comments section.