Free Scotch Whisky Tastings (And Some Fun Facts)

Whisky Glass

I know how it works: everyone wants the good stuff first, then the educational stuff. So here it is: the United States Bartending Guild will be hosting free Dewar’s Scotch Whisky tastings January 11-14 at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason.

To sign up, simply RSVP (and be over twenty-one of course).

And now the educational bits that will set you apart from the crowd:

  • Distilleries in American and Ireland spell it “whiskey” while distilleries in Scotland, Japan, Canada and New Zealand drop the “e.” No one really knows why. (Source)
  • Whiskey was first made in Ireland and that Scotch Whisky specifically refers to the kind made in Scotland? So don’t ask for Irish Scotch. (Source)
  • There’s an actual formula for determining how rare your whisky is? (Source)
  • The best way to drink whisky is with a drop of water? One ice cube is the next best bet, but don’t add a handful of ice. (Source)
  • Once whisky is bottled, it doesn’t get better (like wine)…or worse. So you can drink a hundred-year-old bottle and be fine. (Source)

Dewar’s Tasting Sessions

Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason

  • January 11: 7pm & 9pm
  • January 12: 7pm & 9pm
  • January 13: 6pm, 8pm & 10pm
  • January 14: 6pm, 8pm & 10pm

RSVP for one time slot on the website.


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