Top Chef alum Preeti Mistry is starting the New Year on a bright note with the return of her pop-up, Juhu Beach Club.

The first dinner at La Victoria Bakery on 24th Street happens on Thursday night and features four courses for $35. It is BYOB and Chef Mistry said she hopes to bring a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all the diners. “The dinners will be fun and flavorful. I am doing a dinner Thursdays twice a month for now,” she said. “I have no idea how long I’ll be here, I’m just going to see how it goes.”

Fans of Juhu Beach Club, which served as a pop-up lunch spot for much of 2011 in SoMa, will see many of the same items on the menus, but with some added entrees and snacks/appetizers.

For those unfamiliar with JBC, Chef Mistry said her food can best be described as “Indian food that is representative of a cook that is Indian but grew up in the U.S. It’s fun, spicy and saucy and made with great, fresh ingredients.”

As for the rest of 2012, Mistry said she will be opening a brick-and-mortar Juhu Beach Club in the Mission sometime this spring or summer. “I am looking forward to building the restaurant and having a place of my own,” she said. “By building the kitchen, I really get to think about the needs of the menu and build it to meet those needs.”

Below is a look at the menu for January 5th:

dahi puri

black chickpeas, potato, chaat masala, straus yogurt, tamarind water

shoulda, coulda, vada chaat

crispy fried mashed potato, winter greens, chutneys

mung ne dal

warming mung bean soup, toasted cumin croutons

your choice of:

holy cow

smoky black cardamom short rib sandwich w/ cucumber raita

sloppy lil p

saucy, spicy, buttery veggie sloppy joe w/ pickled red onion

La Victoria Bakery is located at 2937 24th Street.



Photo Credit: Chef Preeti Mistry