Dobbs Ferry

Dobbs Ferry, one of the latest additions to the Hayes Valley restaurant scene, recently announced extended evening service. The bar will be open until 1:30am daily and a “family meal” has been added as well for just $5.

The family meal, or meal-in-a-bowl, is a take on “the food typically enjoyed by restaurant staff as a prelude to their going to work.” So not quite the mac ‘n’ cheese one might picture, but more delectable options such as pork confit with Brussels sprout salad and Creole mustard; beef cheeks with crispy oyster mushrooms and cauliflower puree; or chicken fried pork belly with blistered green beans and jalapeno vinaigrette.

The family meal options will change nightly, with announcements posted to the Dobbs Ferry Facebook page.


Dobbs Ferry

409 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102; Tel 415.551.7700




Image courtesy of Tom Walton, Fortune PR