The end of 2011 fast approaches, and there are so many party invites floating around that it can be difficult to make decisions. No Way Back offers a stellar line up to keep the momentum going Sunday Jan 1, headlined by Thomas of Rub N Tug, with support from fellow disco heroes James Glass, 40 Thieves, Conor, Solar, and many more.


UK-born Thomas Bullock, aka Thomas, began DJing as a teenager alongside long time friend and collaborator, Harvey Bassett, aka DJ Harvey, at Brighton’s Tonka Hi-Fi before moving to California in 1991. At this time, Thomas planted himself in San Francisco, along with fellow ex-pats DJ Garth, Jeno, and Markie Mark. Together, they threw underground parties as Wicked Sound System and were an integral part in the development of SF’s rave scene in the early ‘90s. House music began to take root in SF with a mentality reminiscent of Haight-Ashbury days at the popular Full Moon parties.

Wicked Sound System went strong for about 13 years, although Thomas left for New York in 1996. This move accompanied his decision to take a hiatus from dance music as he spent the next few years playing for the noise-rock group A.R.E. Weapons. Incidentally, a good friend he made through Harvey’s Sarcastic Disco parties, Eric Duncan, had also moved to NY, and soon the two were throwing parties as Rub N Tug. Their afterhours became notable for their contribution to the sound and feel of NY disco.

New Year’s morning, Thomas returns to the Bay with the experience of a musician and veteran DJ who has his fingers in many pies. Rest assured, this party will sate your appetite for disco in its many flavors.

In the meantime, check out this Rub N Tug mix for RA from 2010.

No Way Back will be at Monarch Sunday Jan 1 starting at 6am. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.