Christmas is finally around the corner, and this time I came across something especially unusual and tasty on tap at City Beer Store. In 2008, San Marcos based Lost Abbey brewed a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, called 10 Commandments, that seems to have aged well with an inviting smoothness and complexity.

Its cola brown appearance is very fitting for the flavor, which creates a taste comparable to cola with a combination of sweet dark fruits (i.e. raisins and prunes), ginger, cocoa and rosemary. The rosemary also emerges as a dominant scent, and when matched with pine, the peculiar aroma tickles and refreshes. The combination of the medium body and mild carbonation gives the beer a syrupy viscosity. Despite the detectable alcohol, Lost Abbey gets a good grasp on this.

The selling point for me is the unique herb and spice combination. Otherwise, 10 Commandments could have easily been just another Belgian Strong Dark. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

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