On Friday 12/16, The Sin City tour graces San Francisco with dubstep pioneers Hatcha and N-Type with MC Crazy D. Hatcha has been an integral part of the UK garage scene since the early ’90s, with his proteges being dubstep heavyweights Benga and Skream. Co-headliner N-Type started mixing drum n’ bass at the young age of 14. Part of the underground scene ever since, he now DJs the world’s number one radio station, Rinse FM. Together, the two own record label Sin City Records, home to artists like Skream and Bluesy.


SF Station gets some quick insight from Hatcha and N-Type on their take on dubstep and finding artists for their label. Don’t miss this show at Club Six’s Dark Room Friday, December 16. Local guests Megalodon and Wolfnaps will open the night.

What do you think the biggest difference between UK dubstep and U.S. dubstep is?

N-Type (N): Different influences. You can here alot of hip-hop and rock influences in the U.S dubstep. Also the jump up sound is more extreme. It’s like super tearout!

Why do you think people are quickly dismissing dubstep in the U.S., as artists like Skrillex are often the quickest association with the genre?

N: You see Skrillex name everywhere, obviously for new listeners this would be the first port of call. Hopefully as they listen to more dubstep they will see the different styles, artists and the history. Skrillex is marketed really well, its up to the artist or his management to get out there and turn heads. Skrillex an his team have worked hard and deserve success. We have so many projects coming in the new year. You can’t sit back for 5 minutes. You have to keep busy doing your thing or the new thing will come and you will be forgotten. We are the history and we are still here smashing dances! We are looking forward to 2012!

Hatcha, as a poineer of the dubstep genre, why do you think dubstep exploded in the mainstream with artists like Skream, Benga, Caspa, etc?

Hatcha (H):I think its because the sound is so diverse! There is something for everyone if you look carefully. When dubstep blew up some of the most popular tunes at the time were by these guys, it was natural for them to blow on the mainstream.

Who has been one of your favorite guests on your radio show Kiss FM?

H: Mala

Since you both are closely associated with Rinse FM, which direction do you see it heading towards in 2012? Or what genres and artists do you foresee becoming a prominent presence in 2012?

N: I think there are so many sick new artists! I reckon the people who will shine in 2012 will be Flux Pavilion, Dismantle, Soap Laxx, Taiki & Nulight, Mr Boogie, Cato to name a few. As for Rinse it has always been the place to here the freshest music first! They can only get bigger! Other genres I’m really feeling are The Zinc, Roska, and Marcus, nasty house stuff.

What was the inspiration behind starting the Sin City label?

H: To give something back. To many tunes stay on plate that needs to be released! Sin City is rammed with club bangers!

Is it easier to release your own music on your own label, or is there more pressure?

N: It’s better to release your own music on your own label. No

pressure; it’s easy.

What kind of artists do you guys look for?

N: Original artists! We like to listen out for things that stand out from the pack, most releases fit into our original South Side dubstep sound though. We are very picky.

Is there anywhere we can catch you hanging out in SF?

Down the pub probably!

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